New Homeowners Checklist

Shop around for your energy supplier

When you move into a new home, energy suppliers might not seem like much of priority but what if you’re missing out on good deals for the sake of taking the easy route? Take meter readings and get in touch with your property’s current supplier to make sure you are getting the best possible deal you can from them.

Before you completely settle, though, shop around online as you could be missing great deals.Southern Electric has recently introduced a 2 year price freeze which is a perfect example of the kind of incredible deal you could be missing out on.’

Check Insulation

When you move in to a new home it’s very important that you check that your home is properly insulated. The attic is the obvious first place to check but also insulate your pipes and use a water heater blanket over your water heater. Most modern water heaters are fairly well insulated but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Use Qualified Contractors

As tempting as it may be to either get your best-mate’s-brother’s-uncle to do the handiwork around the home as it’ll save money, it is a better, safer option to use a qualified contractor even if it costs more. Sometimes there are no corners to be cut and a good rule of thumb is; if it’s good, it’s not cheap and if it’s cheap it’s not good.

Choose to Hang Clothes

If you are living in an apartment, invest in a clothes airer. Tumble dryers use up far more power and leave your clothes feeling static and sometimes can even shrink them. If you are living in a house or have a garden of your own, hang your clothes outside on summer days! Saving money, saving energy and no odd static feeling. Win-win.

Change the Locks

This is one that may sound a little quirky but over a number of years, you will find that more and more people will have keys to your home whether it’s your parents, your partner, your childminder, pet-sitter- so many people! And you are not the exception in this case, you are the rule. You don’t know who the previous owner gave keys to and as an extra measure of safety, changing the locks is a great idea.

Air-seal Your Home

All homes, at the very least, should be warm, water-tight and air-tight. Air leaks are reasonably easy to fix compared to water leaks and the sooner they are attended to, the better. Try to detect and fix air-leaks within a week and do a routine check every 3 months.

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