Review: Best new Smartphone releases in 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept

So much has changed since the days of the old faithful Nokia 3310. Smartphones have become so ‘smart’ that the new phones are hotly anticipated ever year – until the next big thing hits the shelves and we move on! Phones are playing a bigger and bigger role in terms of search, shopping and productivity – on top of the more traditional social and communication functions.

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Skint this Christmas? Try these affordable tech gifts

App-controlled scale

Christmas 2013 seems to be a year of tech – an awesome console debate is in full swing and even the kids’ toys are Wi-Fi friendly – but what I’m interested in is the skint stuff! I read in an Experian survey that last year we spent an average of £511 just on Christmas gifts, and yet nearly a quarter of people view Christmas shopping as more stressful than rush-hour traffic!

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Glasgow’s tech start-up scene is next gen

Famous Glasgow cone statue

Birthplace of TV, radar, telephones and so much more, Scotland has traditionally been a country of innovation, but particularly in the sciences and technologies. One of the reasons why such a small place can be so creative is possibly owing to its long history of education. As a result, today we have communities all over Scotland that use innovation to allow new businesses to raise money and grow into hugely successful companies.

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