Tools, Apps and Lifehacks That Will Help You Save Cash

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We can all use a little help when it comes to saving our hard earned money. With a simple download or a little time spent online, the following tools and apps can help save you cash. Here are the top apps and online tools that will help you keep more money in your bank account:


Home Budget Calculator– The Home Budget app is ideal for busy families. This app helps you to see if there are any areas in your budget that you are overspending by tracking all household expenses. Reviewers call this app easy to use and a great way to get an accurate overview of how your family’s finances are being spent.

Say No to 0870– Calls to customer service numbers such as 0844 or 0870 are costly when made on a mobile phone since they are not included in the free minutes part of your monthly plan. This app provides callers with alternate numbers to reach the business that they wish to speak with. There are currently thousands of alternate numbers available and thanks to user input, that number is always growing.

Or Save It– Or Save It is an amazing app. It finds deals, discounts and savings on just about anything. Before purchasing that new pair of shoes, ordering take away or buying a transport ticket, check this app first! Or Save It will find you a deal on the items you will be purchasing anyway.

Red Laser– When out shopping, the red laser app will become your new best friend. You will use your smart phone’s camera feature to scan an item’s barcode and the app will check prices at other stores to see if you are getting a good deal or ripped off.

Online Tools:

Utility Comparison– The Say No to 0870 app listed above also has an online tool that allows consumers to compare their gas and electricity prices with the prices that other providers are offering.

This is Money– This is Money is a website that offers a large amount of financial calculators, many designed to help you save money. The calculators will help you find the best mortgage, children’s savings account rates and investment for your needs.

Petrol Prices– Petrol Prices is a website that allows you to type in your postcode or town and the lowest petrol price in the area will pop up. This smart, money saving tool is also available as an app for your mobile device.

My Family Club– My Family Club is a website designed to teach and inspire those who are looking to learn more about their own finances. This site is full of helpful articles and tools.

With these simple and easy to use apps and online tools, there is no excuse to not be saving money. Even in small increments, little amounts of savings will add up over time. Technology has made it easier to save, and that’s something that we can all celebrate.

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