Skint this Christmas? Try these affordable tech gifts

App-controlled scale

Christmas 2013 seems to be a year of tech – an awesome console debate is in full swing and even the kids’ toys are Wi-Fi friendly – but what I’m interested in is the skint stuff! I read in an Experian survey that last year we spent an average of £511 just on Christmas gifts, and yet nearly a quarter of people view Christmas shopping as more stressful than rush-hour traffic!

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Glasgow’s tech start-up scene is next gen

Famous Glasgow cone statue

Birthplace of TV, radar, telephones and so much more, Scotland has traditionally been a country of innovation, but particularly in the sciences and technologies. One of the reasons why such a small place can be so creative is possibly owing to its long history of education. As a result, today we have communities all over Scotland that use innovation to allow new businesses to raise money and grow into hugely successful companies.

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Scottish Independence – Which way to turn?

scottish independence

With less than a year to wait until the people of Scotland decide whether or not political autonomy is the right way forward for us I wanted to put together a piece and ask you, the readers what your thoughts are.  I will highlight some of the main concerns, or so I think that the Scottish people may have about and what positive input we can muster from these same points.

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Scotland in 2014: The Place to be

the Saltire - Scotland's beautiful Flag

2014 is an exciting year for Scotland, a really exciting one.  We have some of the world’s top sports people coming to town as we host both the Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup.  And these are just two of the reasons that travel giant Lonely Planet has stated that Scotland is the third most essential holiday destination in 2014. Continue reading “Scotland in 2014: The Place to be”

Grangemouth Crisis: an open letter to the workers


I admire people who have the courage to stand up for their convictions.

However, I’m struggling to believe that chairman Stephen Deans, and secretary Pat Rafferty, of Unite Scotland, a union that represents hundreds of our workers, had clear motives when they encouraged the union to instigate industrial action against Ineos, the largest privately owned company in the UK.

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3 Money Moves to Make Before Turning 30

Money Tree

When you are under 30, you have a long time before thinking about retirement, and stability is the last thing on your mind. However, this is also the time when you come across a lot of “firsts” in your life, like buying your own car, planning a family, getting married and maybe, investing in your own house. While retirement planning might seem far fetched, it is never too early to start saving precious pounds. The following are 3 clever money moves and habits that would serve you well – Continue reading “3 Money Moves to Make Before Turning 30”