Go Green Without Seeing Red

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  This week is Scottish Renewable Energy week. At the annual conference for Scottish Renewables today, Stuart Reid from HW Energy said he was urging consumers to swap their current boilers for newer technology. Boilers are beginning to get a bit of a reputation for not being energy efficient and given that most power companies are making the necessary changes to reduce their carbon footprints, it’s no surprise that we are now being urged to introduce new technology into our homes and workplaces. Continue reading “Go Green Without Seeing Red”

Will the UK miss its 2020 renewable energy targets?

2020 targets

With less than a decade to go until the 2020 renewable energy targets are supposed to be reached, experts are warning that the United Kingdom will most likely fall short of its goals. A study compiled by the European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) and released in June 2013 has reported that the UK is expected to fail to reach its renewable energy goals. These targets are reasonable, but they will most likely not be reached, given current energy consumption patterns. Continue reading “Will the UK miss its 2020 renewable energy targets?”