How To Save Money On Food As A Student

When you’re at university, you may have the first taste of adult freedom in the form of moving into a flat or student accommodation. Ask most people who have lived in student accommodation what their diet was like and they’ll tell you some culinary horror stories, but also with a hint of nostalgia and a sense of good times. Moving into your own place when you’re 17, 18, or 19 may present the first time that you’ll have ever had to cook for yourself, and as anyone who’s been through it themselves, it’s no picnic (quite literally).

The first trip that many of us take to the supermarket without adult supervision to stop you from buying a bucket of Haribo gives many of us an idea of how much food can cost. You get to the checkout and the cashier tells you the price and something clicks; “food is bloody expensive!” With this in mind, here’s some top tips for students designed to help you make your money go a little further at meal times.

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Saving money when you’re skint: the student edition (part two)

money saving tips for studentsHaving enough money for expenses like groceries and text books is one thing but saving money when you’re a student is another altogether. There’s usually the allure of travelling in summer when classes wrap up and the backpacks come out, but if you’re skint you’ll find yourself left behind in the dust. So is it possible to pay university tuition, have a ball and follow a budget at the same time? Read these tips and learn how to your bank account and summer holidays in safe hands:

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