Working Abroad – The How-Tos

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How to get a job when you move abroad

Travelling to a different country – a different continent even – can be very daunting, but living and working in a different country can be downright scary. Moving from Canada to the UK was a massive change for me and really quite nerve-wracking. I’ve had a range of employment since moving here 12 years ago, from call centre work, retail, bartender, admin and marketing. Not all of these have been ideal experiences and in the time I’ve been here, I’ve picked up some important tips that have helped me along the way.

Here are some of the key ones that will help you succeed in getting you that job away from home.

“How do they do it where you’re from?”

It’s great to talk about how “they do it over in…” anywhere. This gives you an edge over your potential colleagues and provides insight on different opportunities for the company you aspire to work for.  Don’t shy away from talking about your home country as this could be very beneficial in helping you land your dream job. You could mention this on your CV and in your interview by drawing on previous experiences you’ve had in your hometown that would be relevant to the job you’re going for.

Additionally, if you are from somewhere that speaks a different language or if you’re able to speak any other languages, this is something you should definitely boast about on your CV and in your interview.  Again, this will give you an edge and will give you an inimitable quality.

Are your papers in order?

There is nothing worse than losing out on your dream job because your visa, passport or whatever forms are needed to prove eligibility of employment are not up to date. In my experience, all employers will photocopy your proof of eligibility of employment with your passport, so make sure there are no issues with either of these.

Before you go to apply for any job, always check that you are eligible to work in your country of choice. Do not wait until after the interview to update these as these types of forms can take weeks even months to renew. This should be your first priority! If you’re moving to the UK, you can check whether or not you need a visa at the Gov.UK site. You can easily use Google search to find out what you’ll need for where you’re going.

Don’t be a victim of a bad business

Whether it’s your career or a job to help you earn some extra cash, always check the legitimacy of a business. Being from a different country can make you more vulnerable to working for an illegitimate company and you could end up being unemployed with no compensation. If you do have your suspicions, there are several ways you can check a company’s legitimacy. Initially, you can use Campanies House on the Gov.UK website to search for the business you’re look into. If you feel you have been duped by a company, you can also visit Citizens Advice to help you find your basic rights at work.

You should also make sure that you receive a pay slip and that your tax code on your slip is correct. This will mitigate any issues that could come your way in the future.