Scottish night out’s that won’t leave you out of pocket

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We all love a night out, but we also love not spending ANY money, because it’s ours and we deserve to keep it. So how do we have fun without giving too much of our precious money away?

Ghost Walk – Edinburgh

One part history lesson, one part spooky fun. Great night out, and you’ll learn a little about the city as well, prices start at £8 and go up to £15. Then once it’s over you can go for a quiet drink and discuss how you’ll ‘never get to sleep tonight’!


Red Raw, the Stand – Glasgow & Edinburgh

Everyone loves a laugh, and Red Raw delivers. Everything from brand new, never once been on a stage acts, to some of the best in Scottish comedy (Frankie Boyle & Kevin bridges have appeared quite a few times). £2 a ticket is unbelievable pricing, with a decently priced bar as well and usually a competition to win free tickets for another red raw show. It’s well worth a try for comedy fans.


ICW – All across Scotland

Made popular after its smash hit BBC documentary, Insane Fight Club, ICW has become a staple of the Scottish night out, and a great laugh. Only grown in popularity since the return of Scotland’s ‘Chosen One, Drew Galloway – Scotland’s most successful wrestler – who was recently released from his WWE contract and came back to where he started out. Wrestling fan or not, it will be plenty of fun, and might convert the uncoverted. Lot’s of their Glasgow shows start in Box, which has become the unofficial home of  ICW, so you can start their to get you hyped up for the event.


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